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Who is David Powell?

David has a passion to inspire/motivate people to live life to the fullest and to follow their dreams no matter the circumstances. He enjoys demonstrating the power of perception. Despite not having hands or legs, he can show that it is possible for anyone to live a positive, fun and meaningful life if they possess the willingness to do so!

Full Biography

David Powell’s inspirational journey began at birth being born without hands and malformed legs. These were challenges that have never slowed him down. David was born in New Orleans, LA and as a child he got around in an electric wheelchair using his feet as his hands. After the separation of his parents, David relocated to Dallas, TX. He then became a patient at Scottish Rite Hospital for children and started walking with the help of prosthetics. With his feet no longer available, he once again adapted and learned to do everything he did with his feet, with his arms. As a freshman in high school, David lost his mother to a drug overdose, leaving him devastated. A few years later he fell into a dark hole of drug addiction and alcoholism until the age of 29. Over time, and after a move to Salina, KS, David once again beat the odds and overcame those struggles. He is now fulfilling one of his lifetime dreams of becoming a motivational speaker to help people though helpful messages on life and its perspectives. David will come to your school, business or facility to illustrate, through his life experiences, the individual power that each person possesses. He can demonstrate to your audience that their passions and willingness to fulfill them are unstoppable. David is living proof that anything can be achieved with the correct mindset.

What Others Are Saying

David Powell spoke to our entire student body at one of our monthly R.O.C.K. Rallies. He spoke about two of our character education traits: having a “Can Do Attitude” and doing “Our Personal Best”, despite one’s circumstances. He did a wonderful job of speaking to all students, K-5, with material that was very age appropriate. The students were very interested and engaged. We all wish that he could have spoken longer!
Shirley Luce
School Counselor, Coronado Elementary School
I’ve had the privilege of watching this young man aggressively chase after his passion for reaching people and making sure that their past story (no matter how negative it may be) does not define their future success. David, fearlessly, shares his story in a way that captivates his audience. When people first meet him they are taking aback because they can’t understand how someone with no arms can be so happy. Then just like that; he thrills them with letting them know that nothing is impossible to those who work hard and believe in themselves! David spoke to a group of our Xcel middle and high school students. Tears flowed and laughs exploded as he unfolded his life’s story. His resilience in the face of life’s adversities is an inspiration to all who will listen.
Robert M. Cunningham
Director of Special Programs, “The City” Educational Programs
David brings authenticity and a gentle “in your face” reality that we are unstoppable and our only true barriers are ourselves. Because of his testimony he can reach people in a way that is undeniable. If your or your group are looking to inspire others to be more and do more, this is an opportunity you will not want to miss!
Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz
Director of Learning Centers, ESSDACK
It was with great pleasure, our employees were able to hear David’s story during our annual training day. David was well prepared in organizing fine details leading up to his formal presentation. We found his talk to be engaging and captivating. His message that life is not always easy and you are going to get knocked down, but you have to pick yourself back up to endure and persevere. Our thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your life story.
Marilyn Learner
Saline County Human Resource Director
I had the extreme pleasure of meeting David when he came to our Disability Mentoring Day event. We had 59 high school students arrive on the Butler Community College campus in El Dorado in sub-freezing temperatures for a day of employment workshops, business tours and an inspirational message from David. It was apparent from the very beginning that David is a passionate individual who is not afraid to smash barriers in all aspects of his life. David shared his story with our students in a way that kept them engaged and wanting to hear more. I feel David summed it up when he told our students, “Never let anyone else tell you what you are not capable of doing, just try and find out for yourself!” If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, you really need to consider David. He will provide a testimony of grit and determination that will inspire all in attendance.
Doug Berryman
Transition/Vocational Coordinator, Butler County Special Education Interlocal #638
I had the pleasure of hearing David share his story. He was extremely moving and inspiring. The things he has overcome and his no excuse attitude can be inspiring to anyone no matter what hardships they face. His presentation is full of charisma and moxie. Our attendees left the event with lots of positive energy and motivation! I personally hope I am able to see David speak again, as well as watch him grow in his speaking endeavors.
Cody Harris
Disability Mentoring Day Local and State Coordinator

Speaker Menu Items

David was born with his disability. Being able to obtain a career or even a job was a concern for him. He was challenged to speak up for himself because of his appearance. People would assume he wasn’t able to do anything; write, type, answer phones; but he proved them wrong.

David describes the many obstacles he faced and overcame in his life. He was born different; he has no arms or hands and has deformed legs. David lost a parent at a young age. He has also battled life with addiction, which led to so many more challenges.

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David has a unique disability he was born with. Leaving him without arms or hands and deformed legs. He shows and explains how he lives his life doing everyday activities.

David explains despite having a disability you can achieve your dreams. No matter what obstacles arise; if you believe in yourself and put in the effort you will achieve any goal you set your mind to.

David describes the depth of his addiction by telling how hard it was living controlled by something you feel you have no power over. David than explains how he lost the fight many times, but yet found his way to sobriety.

David was raised to believe in god, even if they didn’t always go to church. As David got older, he grew distant of his higher power. When David was just barely a teen, he lost someone he was so close to. That wound never fully healed. As a young adult he lost full sight of God and went into a dark place. The dark place kept David for many years, but one night God showed himself to David. David begin to let him in, and his new life started to become a reality.

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